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Board of Directors

As a member of Southwest Federal Credit Union, you are eligible to serve on our volunteer Board of Directors. Directors represent the interests of the membership and help steer the direction of the Credit Union. We value our membership’s active involvement. If you are interested, please download the Volunteer Application and return it to Theresa Pesce at our Cherry Hills branch.



Southwest Federal Credit Union Board of Directors:

Chairman Al Putzig 11_Putzig_SWFCU Ed Jeung 14_Jeung_SWFCU
Ray Sanchez Not Pictured Rebecca Carter Not Pictured
Dan Salazar Not Pictured Diana Jaramillo djaramillo
James (Randy) Fitzpatrick Not Pictured



Southwest Federal Credit Union Supervisory Committee:

Gail Haynie 08_Haynie_SWFCU Jonathan Sorsabal Not Pictured
Tim Valdez Not Pictured
Angela Pino 07_Pino_SWFCU Linda Shirley 02_Shirley_SWFCU

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