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Safe Deposit Boxes

Rental Fees
Your deposit account is automatically debited annually on your anniversary date for safe deposit box rental fees.  Box sizes vary by location.
Size Annual Rent Branch
2″ x 5″ $8.50 North Valley
3″ x 5″ $12.50 North Valley
5″ x 5″ $20.00 All branches
3″ x 10″ $30.00 All branches
6″ x 10″ $40.00 All branches
9″ x 10″ $58.00 Farmington only
$5 refundable key deposit.  Drilling charges vary depending upon amount charged by the locksmith.

Some property is impossible to replace!  Consider a Safe Deposit Box at Southwest FCU.

Suggested Safe Deposit Box items:

  • Marriage certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Birth certificates
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Wills and trust documents
  • Family heirlooms and jewelry
  • Military service records
  • Auto titles


Ask about a safe deposit box in our vault.

If you have property that would be difficult or impossible to replace, you should keep these items in a Safe Deposit Box.

Remember, these are only suggestions.  You can keep anything within reason in the box as long as it fits. Keys must be kept in a safe place, because if lost, the box
must be drilled by a locksmith, which is expensive. What you keep in a Safe Deposit Box is your business, but we would be happy to help you select a size which will
fit your needs and answer any questions you may have. Safe Deposit Boxes are secure and very private.


The contents of your Safe Deposit Box are NOT insured against loss by the NCUA, any government agency or this Credit Union.

You should also keep a complete, up-to-date list and description of all property stored in your Safe Deposit Box.  This inventory and any other proof of ownership documents should be stored in another location, other than your Safe Deposit Box.