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Direct Deposit and Distributions

Add convenience to your life by electing to have your paycheck, social security or recurring governmental check automatically deposited into your Southwest FCU account. Your funds are available on the morning of payday.  Our free Direct Deposit service:

  • Eliminates the risk of ID theft or mail fraud
  • Allows for deposits into your checking or savings accounts.  Ensures seamless deposits when you’re away from home or in case of emergency
  • Allows for partial or full amounts to be deposited
  • Saves time – no going to the branch on payday
  • Enables payments or deposits to other accounts to be made
  • Makes saving money easier since funds go directly into your account

Download and print
the Direct Deposit

To sign up, use one of these three options:

  • Print out our Direct Deposit Form and bring to one of our branches.
  • For federal payments, call (800) 333-1795 today to get started. You’ll need:
  • Your personal Southwest FCU direct deposit account number
  • Your Southwest FCU routing number, 307083872
  • Your Social Security Number
  • The amount of your last federal benefit check
  • The check number from a recent federal benefit payment or claim number from the paying agency
  • Or for federal benefit checks, go to GoDirect.

Your employer may also require internal paperwork to be completed.  Southwest FCU’s routing number is 307083872.