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Traveling with a Southwest FCU VISA™

Planning a cruise or a family reunion out of state? No problem! Members’ security is our top priority, and we want to make sure you are able to use your Southwest FCU VISA™ Credit or Debit Card whenever or wherever you want. Changes in your spending patterns, especially transactions made out of state or overseas, may trigger a security alert with our fraud protection system. Contact Southwest FCU and let us know the travel dates, as well as, the countries and cities you will be visiting. When our records have been updated with your travel plans, the system will allow transactions that appear out of the ordinary to be processed.

Make alerting us a regular part of your travel preparations

If there appears to be fraudulent activity on your card; your ability to use the card may be temporarily suspended, and a representative from Southwest FCU or our Card Processors will immediately attempt to contact you. However, if you are traveling, it may be difficult to reach you to verify the charges, and you could be inconvenienced if you are unable to use your Southwest FCU VISA™ Card.

How to Notify Southwest FCU of your Travel

There are some easy ways to notify us of your travel arrangements. You can contact one of our branches at (505) 243-6751. If you would like to speak directly with one of our representatives in our Card Department, please call Maria Carvajal at (505) 248-8612 or (505) 248-8670 for Verna Begay. You can also visit any of our branches during business hours. If you prefer you can download our Travel Notification Form and email it to back to us at travel@sfcunm.org