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Southwest Signature Loans

Southwest Signature Loan Rates


If you would like to see our rates; visit our “Loan Rates” sheet.

When you need some extra money but don’t want to “secure” your loan with collateral or use a credit card, the Southwest Signature Loan is the perfect choice. We offer our members low rates, automatic payment features, and convenient terms. If you need a loan for something that’s not a car, house, RV, etc., we can provide the funds – for a vacation, home remodeling, debt consolidation, education-related costs – whatever you need. A signature loan requires your promise to pay, and the loan amount depends on your financial situation and credit history. We work with our members to find the best solution for each of their individual situations. And members who have two active depository accounts with Southwest receive a discount of .25% off the already low loan rate.

It’s flexible

The Southwest Signature Loan can be designed to fit your financial needs – no more than you want, and no less than you require. Whether it’s to pay for an unexpected expense or help you towards a long-term goal, the Southwest Signature Loan offers terms that can fit your budget.

You have options

Your Southwest Signature Loan can adapt to different terms. You can repay it quickly, if you just need help through a shortfall, or you can extend the length to the maximum term of 36 months. The choice is yours.

In addition, you can make payments in person or through online banking. We’ll even help you set up periodic payments so you don’t have to worry about remembering a due date or mailing a check.

Just ask

The Southwest Signature Loan is the preferred choice for many of the Credit Union’s members. Let us answer your questions, and see if it can work for you too.

Signature Line of Credit (LOC) Rates


If you would like to see our rates; visit our “Loan Rates” sheet.

Write Yourself A Loan

With a Southwest FCU Signature Line of Credit, you decide when you want to borrow and how to use the proceeds. Once your credit limit is established, you can access it whenever you like for whatever you need – borrow and repay as often as you like within your limit! Its convenience and flexibility make the Signature LOC a popular choice among our members.


  • Revolving line of credit for anything, anytime
  • Pay interest only on the amount you borrow
  • Low fixed rate
  • No transaction or cash advance fees
  • Can provide overdraft protection for your Southwest FCU checking account
  • .25% rate discount option*
  • No application or annual fees

* SFCU members with two or more active depository accounts are eligible for a .25% discount from our already low loan rates.