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Reward Programs

Visa Rewards

You depend on your Visa credit card from SFCU to purchase everything from everyday lunches to once-in-a-lifetime vacations. And now you can earn the rewards for using it. With this option, you’ll earn one reward point for every dollar you spend, and you’ll feel secure doing business with an institution you definitely trust: your credit union.

Start receiving your rewards!

Members without a Visa Card: Apply online for a Visa credit card.

Or apply for membership, and your SFCU Visa credit card today.

  • Travel benefits: Earn and redeem for the vacation of a lifetime or just a simple weekend getaway.  Your goal, your choice.
  • Gift certificate benefits: Make others — and yourself — feel good by earning points to purchase gift certificates from a wide variety of restaurants and stores.
  • Cash rewards: Cash for Points offers you the option to redeem your points for cash to spend on the things you enjoy.

See what rewards you can earn with a Visa Platinum Card at http://memberrewardsbyco-op.com/sfcunm (opens in new tab)

Rewards Customer Service #: 866-317-1354