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Certificate Accounts

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A Certificate Account is a smart way to save when you want your money to earn more and do not need access to your savings for a specific period of time. Because each Certificate is held for an exact number of months, it’s a perfect choice when you want to save money for a future purchase or expense.

  • Travel
    Is there a dream trip in your future? Depending on the period the Certificate is held, the Southwest Federal Certificate Account interest rate could earn you as much as double the interest of a traditional savings account.
    Major Purchase
    Planning to buy a home entertainment system, major appliance, boat, new home furnishings or make any other large purchase? You can choose Certificate Account terms ranging from three to 60 months so your money is ready when you need it.
  • Comfortable Retirement
    Imagining a retirement without money worries, full of travel, and relaxing times with family and friends? Not only does the Southwest Federal Certificate Account rate earn higher interest, but you can have your Certificate Account automatically renew with the original terms.

Earn more — the easy way.

Paying a higher Certificate Account interest rate than a basic savings account, SFCU Certificate Accounts are convenient and flexible. Make the most of the money you ave worked so hard to earn with the best Certificate Account available.

Get frequent access to your savings with Ladder Certificates

There’s even an option to earn the higher Certificate Account interest rate without locking all your money into one long-term account.

*For current rates, consult our Certificate Account Rates.