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Online Banking Help

2nd Generation Account Access Security

The first time you log into Online Banking you will be prompted to select an image and answer three security questions. The security questions are used to ensure your security when accessing parts of the website such as BillPay. Once you select the image you will be logged out and need to sign in again, this is to allow you to immediately verify your image selection.

Upon re-entering your username and password you will see a screen with your image and a continue button, Choose the correct image you previously selected and click continue to access your account.

After the first time, every time you log in you will need to select your image and just need to click continue to access your account(s).

Logging in:

The most common problem people experience is that their browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome) is remembering their username/password security question answers, this browser feature is called auto-complete. If any of these boxes contain information without you typing it in this is most likely the problem. Please contact whomever helps you with your PC for help to resolve this.

You don’t receive the email when you click forgot password: This is either the email message went into the spam or junk folder of your email, your email provider blocked the message, or there is a mistake in the email address that we have for you. Please check your spam and junk folders then contact us by phone to verify your online banking email address.

You receive the message Username not setup for Flexteller when you try to log in: Either you enter your username incorrectly or your account has not been setup for access to online banking. If you have previously used online banking please try again. If you have not used online banking please contact us so that we can get you setup. Accounts are not automatically setup to use online banking for your extra protection.


You can’t see all of your accounts: You are either not joint on the account or you have not upgraded to the single sign-on system. The single sign-on system allows access to all of your accounts with a single username instead of a username for each account. Please contact us by phone to correct this.


You don’t see all of the accounts you should be able to transfer to: This is you either are not joint on the account or don’t have a transfer agreement on file with the credit union. Please contact us by visiting a branch since this will require signatures.


You can’t view your statement: The statements are an Adobe pdf file, they require Adobe Reader to be viewed. The software is free and may be downloaded from www.adobe.com.